Wall Street English Introduces Upgraded Language Courses to Improve Student Experience and Guarantee Success

Wall Street English, the world’s premier provider of English language education for adults, has completely redeveloped their English language course to make it more effective and entertaining to guarantee success for people who want to learn English. The new course experience was launched on November 24th 2017.


The new course includes curriculum that was built using the Global Scale of English learning objectives, which were developed by Pearson, the world’s largest education company and owner of Wall Street English International. These learning objectives are based on real life use of English, making the course more relevant to students. They will learn how to speak English and use it properly in everyday situations, including typical business interactions. The GSE is aligned to the Common European Framework (CEFR) and other well-known scales and high stakes tests.


“This launch marks a transformation for Wall Street English,” said David Kedwards, CEO of Wall Street English International. “We talked to students to learn what they really needed in order to be successful when learning English. We also talked to teachers about what resources they needed to better support their students. We then integrated all that feedback into our new course.  Our course is not only effective, we personalize the experience for each student and support them every step of the way so they don’t lose focus and stay on track to achieve their language goals.”


Wall Street English spent 18 months developing the course content and new interactive tools that make learning a more engaging and entertaining experience for our students. One new element of the course is Wall Street’s own television comedy series called Make it Big. Using Hollywood-style videos, students can laugh and learn with the stars of the comedy as they try to achieve their dreams with English. The comedy series includes 40 hours of educational video and won an award for Best Digital Educational Series.


The company also developed all new classroom materials for the course and created 80 new additional classes that are offered to students at no extra cost. These classes include focused classes for beginners to help them start learning English with confidence.


In addition to the new educational videos and classes, the new course also includes new student workbooks and a new Dashboard, where they can access their course and our new global online community any time of day to help fit their studies into their busy schedules. Teachers can also assign extra homework through the dashboard in areas where the student might need extra support.


 “Our students want a great experience. They want it to be interactive, they want the best teachers, and they need it to be flexible to fit into their busy lives.  We continue to offer all those things and more,” said Yolette Sillery “English is the global language and the people of Venezuela want to be part of the global conversation. Wall Street English offers them the best curriculum, the most qualified teachers, and the best tools so they can be successful and learn English.”


About Wall Street English

The world is full of people with who have dreams. At Wall Street English, we help people realize their dreams of learning English. We offer a variety of English language courses to meet the needs of all learners from the very beginner to advanced speakers. We have nearly 425 Wall Street English learning centers spread across 27 different countries across the globe. We have been passionate about teaching English for over 40 years, and have helped over 2 million people realize their dreams of learning English. Our current enrollment is 178,000 students. Our method is proven and aligned to global standards of language acquisition and education. Wall Street English has corporate offices are located in Barcelona, London, and Hong Kong.




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