César Service Assistant


Service Assistant, Wall Street English Maturín. 


Well, my name is César. I’m a concierge from WSE I’ve been here for almost two years. I started here as a student and the first time that I got here I really liked the course, because they were always speaking English and the method was different and it wasn’t boring like high school, so, I began my course from the level Waystage 3 until Upper Waystage 2 (it was an intensive) and in that time I was coming here every day, I loved the course and its method and I was always learning and practicing by watching movies, talking to the teachers and the students and the like.

When my course was coming to an end the previous director asked me if I wanted to work as a Customer Service Assistant.  I accepted right away because I wanted to keep learning and it was a great opportunity to do so and I couldn’t ask for a better first job.  So I started to work here after I finished my course, because they saw that I was a fast learner, I had a good management of the language and also because I came from being a good student.

At first It was kind of awkward because I used to be a student and a week later I was helping other students that I’ve met as a student myself but then it was just normal, it was really good because I was learning and practicing and helping the students at the same time.

All in all, this has been a great working and learning experience. I’ve grown as a person and as a worker for future references. I hope to continue doing this job for as long as I can. 



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