Andrés Rappazzo’s Experience (UCAB)

Andrés Rappazzo,

Level: UW3


I’m graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer at UCAB and I’ve never had the opportunity of studying English before.

Although I’ve been teaching «Programming» at UCAB Telecommunications Engineering School for 7 years I just didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never been in an English institute nor done any course.

So my wife and I decided to study English at WSE and, just after we started, we understood that this was what we had been looking for.

From the easiness that the methodology gives to the students, to the kindness and the excellent attention that we found in each employee we’ve met, since the day of our inscription until today.

We feel that we’ve found more than a teaching team; we’ve found friends whom have the best of the intentions in helping us to reach our language goals.

Now we are in almost the middle of our one-year experience and we’re completely grateful for the support that we’ve obtained in WSE.

We look forward to keep having that outstanding support in order to improve our English capabilities.

Thanks a lot to all WSE team!

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