Six ways to use ‘like’ in English

Can you think of the most used words in English? In recent years, Wall Street English noticed that the word ‘like’ has definitely entered this category. This versatile word is used in a variety of contexts and situations. You can use it show appreciation, compare, complain, report speech, soften or reinforce what you say, approximate and even fill awkward silences. The word ‘like’ is worthy of study because of its frequent use. It’s an important word if you want to speak English like a native speaker!


  1. To like = to enjoy

“I like to eat basil chicken with rice.”

“Nook likes studying English.”


  1. To compare/something is like something else/similar to:

“Milo is like chocolate.”

“The Australian accent is not like the American accent.”


  1. Fill silences when thinking

A: “Do you want to eat basil chicken for lunch?”

B: “I’m not sure…like…I Kind of want to eat something different.”


  1. Reported Speech

“You left your boyfriend for a rich man?”

“Yeah my boyfriend was like, “Baby…don’t leave me!”

  1. When unsure 

“What time will you come to study?

“I’ll get there at like, 12 or 1pm”


  1. Approximation

“How much is the ticker to the concert?”

“I think it’s like 500 baht.”


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