9 Habits of Exceptionally Charismatic People

Who wouldn’t want to be more charming, charismatic, and magnetic? From commanding a room and influencing others to being able to build a relationship with almost anyone, charismatic people seem to have it all. They not only inspire others but also make people around them feel great about themselves.


Fortunately, the habits of the most charismatic people out there aren’t so hard to figure out. We’ve pulled together a list of everything you need to start ramping up your charisma and confidence today.


  1. See why being energetic and optimistic makes you seem so much more charismatic. (Forbes)
  2. Understanding why charming people develop certain habits might bring out your most charismatic self, too. (Inc.)
  3. Paying attention to how well you interact with others can help you figure out which non-verbal skills could use more improvement. (Skills You Need)
  4. Being charismatic and amazing may or may not come hand-in-hand, but these quick tips will certainly take you in the right direction. (Elite Daily)
  5. See how the way you tell stories can make you appear more (or less) influential. (Whiteboard)
  6. Developing presence and charm isn’t as hard as it seems if you keep the three elements of personal magnetism in mind. (The Art of Manliness)
  7. Learn about the non-verbal cues that self-confident people have in common. (Self Stairway)
  8. Read about the research-backed ways you can appear more magnetic in any situation. (Uncommon Help)
  9. Sometimes, thinking about the principles behind what makes people charismatic can be surprisingly useful. (High Existence)


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