How to get along well with your colleagues?

After graduating from university, I found an office job in a famous company. Soon I realized everyone in my office did not like Jane. She was a tall young girl with long black hair and a pretty face. She always wore fashionable outfits which attracted everyone’s attention. I could not understand why. At first, I thought they were jealous with her.


When your colleagues become your enemies…

After one month, I was in their shoes. Jane always made loud noises eating snacks, which distracted me from concentrating on my work. She spent at leasct 2 hours everyday having loud telephone conversations with her boyfriend. I was really irritated with all the noises she made every day at work. She never said please or thank you. She never had small talks with anyone in the office. Whenever she had to talk with anyone, she did it with her head up and her eyes looking down. What an arrogant girl! 

One day, a senior staff member gave her a letter and asked her to edit, she kept on eating her snacks and threw the letter on the table without even looking at the senior staff. The senior staff was then in a very bad mood because she had suffered a huge loss when her father died. She raised her voice to teach Jane a lesson but Jane ignored what she said. She got angry with Jane’s attitude and picked a serious quarrel with her. Jane was fired because no one in the office defended her when the quarrel came to our boss’s attention.


…How to get along with your colleague

The story taught me a lesson: Having a good relationship with your colleague is really important. If your colleagues like you, they will support you and you will be able to complete your tasks more easily. If they don’t, they become your enemies. What if you surrounded yourself with so many enemies?


Consider the following tricks to make work a happier place to be…

>>Show respect to your co-workers even if they are younger than you. Treat people with respect just as you would like to be treated

>> Smile and greet your co-workers as you arrive in the morning. Believe me! A smile is magic and it can bring you near your co-workers. Have small talks with your colleagues at breaks and show genuine interests in them to make them feel comfortable around you: Ask about their favorite music, films, books, hobbies…, but avoid asking about religions, politics or marital status. It is also best to avoid gossiping and telling behind someone’s back if you don’t want to get into troubles. It would be great if you could remember your co-workers’ birthday and do something to celebrate. And don’t forget to give your co-workers compliments when they do good jobs or even when they have a new suit.